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Best Pain Spray
I have used so many pain ointments but PDQ pain spray is the BEST thing I have used.  It takes away my pain!
Stephanie | 4/19/2019 11:59 AM
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No more pain
I was in a lot of pain from working out and moving boxes.  Was invited to this meeting.  It was sprayed on my legs and with in minutes I had no pain.  The pain has not come back since Friday.  I just order a spray and going to let my sister used it so I know she will be ordering it too.
Cynthia | 5/13/2019 3:34 PM
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It's the truth. The real deal.
Product is amazing and does just as stated in description. Immediately helped all areas. I use it for sore and tight muscles after my workouts, cramps, neck & back pain,  and even placing a dab on my temple. to help with my severe headaches. Amazing product.
Sharon | 5/26/2019 11:11 AM
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Great for so many Pains
I have had several clients with foot pain, back, neck, knees and cramps. The PDQ Knocked it out in less than 20 seconds. I grind my teeth at night and I have noticed that when I spray my jaw the pain goes away quickly. I am able to get through my day with a smile.
Gabrielle | 6/20/2019 3:59 PM
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PDQ Topical Pain Spray 1 oz
This is my #1 product! This is fast acting and helps me to make it throughout the day with ease! Love my PDQ spray!
ROSALIND | 12/12/2019 3:10 PM
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Instantly Eases Pain
I strained my back and was struggling to move without serious pain. Every breath, every movement brought more pain. I took a hot shower, sprayed on the PDQ Pain Spray on my back, and instantly felt the cooling. It was like a giant fire extinguisher putting out a wildfire! I'm so grateful that I had this product when I needed it most.
Cynthia | 12/12/2019 5:56 PM
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Osteoarthritis Relief
I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis 9 months ago since then I have been using the PDQ Spray in the morning with my morning workouts and stretches with my knee and at night before I go bed. I also apply the Intense Rub which acts as a double punch to the area of pain in my knee from this level of Osteoarthritis I deal with daily, This stuff really works at keeping my pain levels down to a minimum. My pain level from a scale 1-10 used to be a 10 now it's around a 2 and some days none. these products the intense rub and PDQ spray are actually working in managing my pain, and for that I'm grateful. Thank You Oxzgen for these awesome products.
Susan | 12/12/2019 8:41 PM
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PDQ works fast
I have been dealing with migraines and lower back pain and spinal and neck pain and a severe neck and foot injury from active duty in the military for years. And this product works on contact I just spray it on a area were i am having pain and it helps relieve it in matter of minutes. When the pain comes back I also use the 3xtreme pain cream or intense relief pain cream as well. The combination of the two have helped tremendously and I recommend anyone who is suffering in pain to please try the products.
Derrick | 12/16/2019 7:08 AM
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Let's see what it can do
Yes I use this for pain and it is great.  But I have always had bad allergies and I get an itch under earlobe.  No matter what you do, it still itches.  I sprayed the PDQ on that spot and pleasantly surprised that the itch was gone in less than 5 mintues.  PDQ - my "let's see what it can do " spray!
monica | 4/23/2020 10:29 PM
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Awesome product
I've used PDQ on different parts of my body and it worked.  I also used it on other people and they loved it & wanted to order it for themselves.
Owen | 4/24/2020 12:02 PM
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I have always got leg and foot cramps, I spayed this PDQ on wear my cramp was and my pain went away so much faster than anything I have ever tried.
Crystal | 4/24/2020 10:41 PM
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This is like magic. It works so quickly and the pain stops almost immediately after you spray it on your pain area. I always have it in my purse.
Mfon | 6/5/2020 2:21 PM
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Bruise Away~
I stumped my toe and got a really bad bruise. I sprayed my toe to ease the pain and the bruise even went away quickly.
Janice | 6/5/2020 6:28 PM
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I am definitely a fan of this product.  I keep it on hand every day.  I’m always running into someone who has an issue with pain, I get their permission to spray a little on the area, and BAM!!! They are hooked, I’ve got a NEW Customer or a Referral partner.  This product is truly a God send.  It speaks for itself.  Anyone suffering from pain, this is your FRIEND!!!
THERESA | 10/1/2020 1:42 PM
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Really Really Fast
I didn't want to spend what life I had left on the side lines.  I started using PDQ on my really hard days and I felt better that same hour.  I can't believe I can run and play BB.
Donald | 10/2/2020 2:04 AM
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The American Express of Pain Sprays
I’ve always had rotator cuff issues in college. As I’ve gotten  older, other nagging football injuries started to present themselves.  It was a lot of hype behind a name like “Pretty Darn Quick.” Make no mistake about it, the hype is REAL!! This spray makes it happen within minutes. I made my family purchase their own bottles because they kept borrowing mine. My wife is the biggest user of PDQ. She uses it for headaches, neck aches, backaches, etc. I carry this bottle everywhere I go because I never know when someone is in need of help. This is definitely the American Express of Pain Sprays. Well Done!!
Gerius | 1/30/2021 1:47 AM
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None like it!
This product is a game changer! I first used this spray two years again today actually! I fell in my kitchen (hyper-extending an arm that I'd had rotator cuff surgery on). I tell you when I got off the floor I felt like I did from the few years know that original pain!! I used PDQ (4 x's) and the therapeutic rub (5 x's)  only over the course of about 10 days. I promise you I cancelled 11 of the 12 physical therapy sessions scheduled..$50 copays too! I advised that I felt 65 to 75 percent better JUST by my first real visit. I told the therapist to give me the exercises (that I didn't do) and that I would not be returning! It's the spray for me!!! It really, really helped me. I carry it in my purse at all times!
Jimmie | 5/6/2021 1:06 AM
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Stop the Pain!!!
This is my GO TO product as soon as my back begins to bother me I'm spraying.  As a matter of fact, to be proactive I use it before the pain happens. Before doing any housework or even when I'm out and about shopping, I know I'm going to be doing a great deal of walking.  I spray.

My granddaughter uses it on her temples to stop her headaches.

I'm telling you, you can't go wrong with this product if you have pain.
Yvonne | 1/30/2023 8:35 PM
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Saving Me During Surgery
During the middle of dental surgery my blood pressure spiked and my legs started cramping rapidly. They had to stop the surgery to stop my cramping and get my blood pressure down. I had given the dental assistant a PDQ to tryout and had told her I don’t have much pain but I get leg cramps that’s what I use it for. She had not used the one I gave her but she remembered that I had told her what I used it for and she still had it in her lab coat. She said when they could get my legs to stop cramping, she took the PDQ out and started spraying it on my legs and rubbing it in and my legs calmed down and the cramps stopped and my blood pressure went back down so they could finish my surgery.  Thanks goodness she had remembered what I said and still had it in her pocket.
Crystal | 2/28/2023 9:32 AM
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Sensitive Skin Approved!
I usually have tense neck and shoulders.

This spray is the truth! its gets the job done and im not paying for it later no redness no itchiness. Sensitive skin approved for me!
Some of the pain creams and sprays I have tried in the past break me out or are too strong for my neck and shoulder area.  Definatly adding this to must have list!
Kiara | 3/20/2023 11:15 PM
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